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Skillus is a SaaS-solution for the freelance Educators and Educational institutions to engage their students into an all-in-one learning environment and monetize your knowledge, skills, and experience.
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By the time they reached out to us, they had a poor experience of working with another team.
Revamp an interactive web platform for users to become successful traders in the dynamic forex market.
We are proud to announce the completion of the development of our Skillus website, which can be accessed through the following link. We made significant efforts to ensure the best experience for our users.
During the development process, we carefully designed the user flows for all roles, including administrators, teachers, and students. Our designer created outstanding layouts, and we developed over 100 UI Kit elements. To guarantee high quality and meet our expectations, the designer also created prototypes for all three roles.
Through our efforts, we achieved a fully functional Skillus website that provides users with unique capabilities to create and customize educational courses using a powerful block-style editor.
Our product features an intuitive interface and flexible functionalities, empowering educational institutions to enhance the efficiency of teaching and interaction with students.
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