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Travel tech
“Business Tickets” is a web platform facilitating the swift and convenient search and purchase of premium class air tickets.
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One of the main challenges in the redesign project of the airline website was successful collaboration with a third-party partner for integrating the website with the CRM system.
This required not only technical expertise but also the ability to communicate effectively and coordinate the work of different parties.
To implement the project, we developed and implemented a new website design that took into account the requirements of not only the users but also the company’s management.
Our task was not only to create an appealing visual appearance but also to pay special attention to optimizing the website for search engines and user convenience. In addition to this, one of the main aspects was integrating the website with our client’s CRM system.
In our future plans with the client, we aim to develop a Booking engine and a new CRM system, providing them with even more tools for effective business management.
After the project was completed, the client received an updated design, additional features, and integration with the CRM system.This allowed them to improve the efficiency of the entire company’s operations.
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