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E-learning platform
The project combines a large number of components: online school, blogs, articles and social network features.
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Build something that is more than a school, but rather a platform to share knowledge, communicate, and build the online community.
Deliver a solution built especially for not so tech-savvy audience.
AKDev created a full visual identity of the product and developed a mobile app for one of the subservices. At the online astrology web platform beginners and amateurs can study under the guidance of experienced instructors. The platform also enables providing consulting services by the practicing astrologers.
It is a one-stop-shop platform focused on astrology lovers. It gives professional astrologers and amateurs a way of communicating with like minded people and helps them to provide the courses, manage access to the educational materials, appoint the students to the instructors and process online payments.
The platform features an ability to create profiles of the community members, and a homework assigning functionality in order to assess students’ work, rewarding, rating and leaving comments.
Also, we implemented a personal blog feature where everyone can post their astro-notes and publish them on the website after preliminary moderation.
11 Dom officially launched in 2019 with a very successful funding round.
Our team continues maintaining the platform and delivering new features upon the request.
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