A large educational playground for children. We created online school where students can receive homework, make it in online games and simulators, while teachers monitoring their progress and conduct an assessment of performance.
Our goal was to develop full-fledged, multifunctional and convenient online school in which people of all ages and mindsets can find something to do. So now we have intuitive system understandable for everyone.
We developed a system for managing classes, students, homework, system for accounting performance and teacher productivity. Also we implemented online simulators for various subjects. They allow students to practice even more efficiently, and let teachers manage children’s performance even more precisely.
In addition to online version we also developed a desktop variant to allow students to study if they have bad connection or no connection at all.
Project Manager
Alexey Afanasenko
Alexey Makarov
Sergey Urkevich
Maksim Kazak
Testing & Quality
Dmitriy Gulko