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The company carries out complete digitization of mobile and stationary diesel tanks, containers, and industrial fueling stations. Our goal is to create a convenient and reliable solution that optimizes refueling processes and ensures efficient resource utilization.
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We were faced with a time constraint to rewrite the website from Symfony to Laravel.
Additionally, the project required ongoing changes and enhancements, as well as the need for flexibility within the Laravel + Livewire stack.
To tackle this challenge, we formed a team consisting of two developers, a tester, and a project manager. We utilized Laravel for the website rewrite and leveraged Livewire for creating interactive components.
Flexibility was ensured through open communication with the client, allowing for changes and enhancements throughout the development process.
Thanks to our dedicated team and flexible approach, we successfully completed the website rewrite within the given time frame.
The client was satisfied with our professionalism and the ability to accommodate changes during the development process, resulting in a positive project outcome.

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