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What do you want to achieve? The number of early adopters, user feedback? What is most important for your users? You’ll get your answers across the scope of an MVP version limited functionality.
Failover Recovery
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We think strategically, minimizing future risks and applying adequate preventive measures to mitigate potential disruptions to the system operations.

What we offer
/01 Strategic partnership
Keeping a broad perspective on the future, we ensure the product’s maintainability and scalability not only at the given period of time
but in the long run.
Our clients see us as a long-term strategic partner and trusted adviser for product design, development, DevOps, and cloud computing work. AKDev Group team focus and passion let us go through even the hardest challenges. Some of our development partnerships last beyond 5 years.
/02 Recovery Services
We’ll have your back when things go south and can resolve multiple infrastructure-related issues, whether they lie in the technology or security dimensions.
In the event of a failover, businesses come to us for Failover Recovery services. Failover is the action of recovering IT operations to a secondary system when your main system fails. Failover and failback recovery operations include recovery of mission-critical data and systems to their original status or to an alternate location.
Versed in Industries
Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to education, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.
Logistics & Marine Technologies
Entertainment & Media
Case Studies
Take a look at cases delivered by our teams to get a clearer picture of how your business can benefit from the services we offer.
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Ecosystem facilitating invoice issuing, payment processing, gas supply tracking, and document storage for Latvia’s largest gas supplier and its clients.

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NDA E-commerce

CRM platform with a full suite of online tools for managing a sports club’s day-to-day activities and communication.

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NDA Telecommunications

Cloud-based solution for Human Resource Management system.

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Platform for creating educational programs.

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