Brain Training program gives children the exact stimulation they need to develop superior learning skills. Students complete homework, classes and teachers check their performance.
Our goal was to create a system for teaching children based on mental arithmetic.
It’s a complex system in which each part is connected with others. It’s a large-scale control system with games, their creation, lesson constructor and individual adjustment for each student.
In addition to multifunctional simulator in which children can play different games and do their homework, TinkerThinkers also uses a large system of schools and corporations which is used by all participants, such as administrators with flexible access level or teachers, students and parents who monitor the progress of their children.
Project Manager
Sviataslau Miakhovich
Anton Kazak
Alexey Makarov
Artem Tereshenko
Sergey Urkevich
Ivan Kuharenko
Aleksander Malevich
Denis Kuzmenchuk
Testing & Quality
Dmitriy Gulko