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The overall aim of this project was to increase the efficiency of the HR department to steer the company towards growth.
Boost employee engagement with a flexible and adaptive software solution.
Build a custom system of communications between HR team and employees.
AKDev team has developed a Human Resource Management System, a cloud-based solution for Human Resource Management. The system empowers managers to handle ​​online employee onboarding, connect with new hires and give an online tour with personalized onboarding content, streaming training videos in order to integrate faster into the new work culture. Cloud-based documentation management enables our partner to go paperless with resume storing, while also eliminating manual data entry and improving record accuracy.
We’ve delivered the system to define reporting relationships between managers and employees. It’s here where personal information is recorded and maintained, and this function is the cornerstone of efforts to maximize reporting and improve HR service support for all the employees to solve their Problems on Time. The company management fills out and edits employee data, easily tracks and monitors working days, plans employee workload, and facilitates employee compliance to the set policies and rules of the company. It allows not only ensure the managerial staff across the organization is well connected with the employees, but can assess and manage the performance of each of the employees, by generating precise reports.
Moreover, the system offers a delightful and informative user experience to all employees no matter whether they are and what device they use.
Customers, including leading brands from Fortune 500 companies list like HSBC, Orange, and GM Financial
Our custom and effective Human Resource Management System helped their team keep on track for exponential growth.
As a result, it has facilitated a successful human resource strategy and accelerated the team’s productivity.
Our partner is a global leader in customer engagement solutions and creates AI-powered digital experiences.
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