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IoT Fleet Management system
Partnership with Leading provider of maritime satellite communications and technologies. Our team was engaged to develop an integrated end-to-end solution for advanced fleet optimisation and real-time remote monitoring.
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Be informed about what’s happening on the vessels as it’s a key to ensuring a well-performing environment.
Prevent the large issues, proactively monitoring the activity of the marine systems and automating small issue notification and resolution.
Our team was engaged to develop an integrated end-to-end solution for advanced fleet optimisation and real-time remote monitoring.
We made it to deliver a powerful platform designed specifically for the maritime industry that brings together data, information, systems, processes and other resources.
Behind the scenes, the deployment of advanced analytics allows users to see beyond the numbers and dig deeper than ever before into business operations. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform capitalizes on the dynamic and complex interactions between internal and external resources, it gives the vessel and cargo owners real-time information in an easy-to-read visual format with snapshot reporting.
The IoT platform enables instant alerts with configurable thresholds set by the vessel owners. With the Analytics feature users can have a better overview of the vessel, get an accurate, 3D-modeled representation of all the decks on the vessel, including IoT sensor positions, view collected weather forecast data, the exact geoposition and coordinate it on Google map.
The control panel uses multidimensional sensors to collect and send data enabled by ship-to-shore connectivity. The data is sent to the intuitive platform, where vessel state, arrival and departure to and from the ports can be monitored and checked in desktop, table or mobile interface.
Our company delivered the project in the shortest terms and saved twice the client’s development budget.
As an outcome, the platform functionality optimized vessel/fleet performance through advanced analytics and insights.
MarineFields platform won the SMART4SEA E-Navigation Award in 2020.
MarineFields is proud to work with the STEAM project (Sea Traffic management in the Eastern Mediterranean) by providing MarineFields’ data sharing platform. STEAM is a collective project between key stakeholders in the Maritime industry.
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