Case study

Gas-supply sphere
Ecosystem that helps the biggest gas supplier in Latvia to interact with their clients in terms of invoices issuing & payment processing, gas supply & consumption tracking, customer-associated documentation storing.
The client’s application ecosystem proved to be complex and convoluted, with the absence of separate databases for each project.
This made working with data difficult and required the use of views and procedures.
We provided a solution by working with this complex ecosystem.
Our team rewrote the frontend of the “Personal Cabinet” project from outdated Angular to modern Vue2. We also eliminated the need for separate databases by transitioning to a shared database for all projects, achieved through API-based query development.
For the “Delivery” project, we completely rewrote the old custom application using Vue2 and PHP, and added several new features such as a dashboard and displaying all courier routes without date restrictions.
Currently, we are developing the “CRM” project from scratch.
Our achievements include the successful completion of the “Personal Cabinet” project, where we migrated to a shared client database and completely revamped the frontend.
In the “Delivery” project, we rewrote the old application, added new features, and improved courier route management.
We are currently in the process of developing the “CRM” project with the first iteration underway. Our team, consisting of 2-3 developers and 1 PM/QA, has the flexibility to switch between projects, providing support and further development for all three projects for the client Intergaz.
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