What We Do
Our team takes on the development cycle in its entirety as a bespoke customized project and acts in the design phase of the project from scratch.
Architecture and System design
Complete teams of analysts, developers, or testers
Related consulting services
Сomplete outsourcing of applications management system
DevOps Implementation
Cloud Migration, Optimization and Maintenance
Complete delivery of systems
Support and Maintenance

To every project, AKDev brings a combination of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous Agile development processes, accountability to protection of client’s data.

Why opt for a Custom product
instead of a Pre-Packaged one?
/01 Idea validation’s sprints
Deliver the functions, specific and new to an industry or line of business.
/02 Faster time to market
Meet unique privacy or security requirements.
/03 Budget-friendly investments
Facilitate integration with legacy applications and data.
/04 Adaptability
Improve competitive advantage and adapt to changing requirements.
Versed in Industries
Since we’ve worked in everything from finance to education, we can use industry knowledge to speed up ideation, eliminate inefficiencies, and get to execution faster.
Logistics & Marine Technologies
Entertainment & Media
Benefits of Outstaffing
Both Tech and Product companies
 apply to us to:
Fill the IT expertise and technological gaps, offering the dedicated experienced teams of IT professionals to complete software development projects of any complexity.
Optimize Costs and time overheads.
Turn fixed costs into variables, allowing the usage of resources only for the time or project required, and focus on the core activities.
Optimize their recruitment, equipment and software development costs, as well as other related to the management of internal resources.

We adhere to Agile development and break requirements into consumable functions to deliver rapidly on those functions through incremental development.

Moreover, this approach fosters a feedback loop that helps us find and fix inconsistencies as functionality continues to deploy.

Case Studies
Take a look at cases delivered by our teams to get a clearer picture of how your business can benefit from the services we offer.
All Cases

Ecosystem facilitating invoice issuing, payment processing, gas supply tracking, and document storage for Latvia’s largest gas supplier and its clients.

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A comprehensive job search and recruitment platform allowing users to post job vacancies, receive applications, schedule interviews, and close positions.

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Business Class

Business Class is a web-platform for quick and convenient search and purchase of air tickets.

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The customer support platform enabling operators to address inquiries from Qiwi Bank clients. The Qiwi Bank offers a comprehensive range of services related to financial transactions.

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