Marine Fields / Digital Control Room (DCR)
Fleet management and control system
Marine Fields is a fleet management and control system at an anchorage or in a port. At the same time, the control panel displays information about the state of cargo and vessels, arrival and departure of vessels at port.
DCR is a fleet management system with the following functionality: weather maps, GPS monitoring, the alerts mechanism about unfavorable weather conditions, the ability to create “red” zones on a map.
We have merged two independently existing products of the company into one single system. We performed technical expertise, carried out a global refactoring of the components, developed a stable, fast-working and fault-tolerant system. Our company released the project in the shortest time and saved the development budget of our client by 2 times.
Project Manager
Sviataslau Miakhovich
Alexey Makarov
Andrey Gorustovich
Nikita Kuznetsov
Testing & Quality
Natalia Petrovich