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This is an integrated end-to-end solution for advanced fleet optimisation and real-time remote monitoring. This powerful platform is designed specifically for the maritime industry that brings together data, information, systems, processes and other resources.
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As an outsourcing company, our task was to implement a ticket management and vessel reporting system.
The overall solution aimed to assist ship owners and ship managers in regulatory processes, ensuring safety at sea, as well as improving reporting procedures and passenger operations.
To address this challenge, our team of developers and designers worked on synchronizing two projects, considering the limitation of internet access to only one.
We needed to establish bidirectional synchronization between the systems. The project duration was limited to two months, emphasizing the restricted timeline.
The successful completion of the project resulted in the implementation of a ticket management and vessel reporting system.
The synchronized system provided ship owners and managers with an efficient solution for regulatory compliance, safety measures at sea, and streamlined reporting and passenger operations.
The project was delivered within the limited timeframe, showcasing the efforts of our team.
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